All new button design

The all new button attachment allows you to change your Tech-A-Roo as much as we do. The buttons hold tight even when weighted down by a full purse. They're made from 100% recycled plastic, so no rust to worry about and completely machine washable.

How to change your Tech-A-Roo

Welcome to Tech-A-Roo!

 Home of the handmade nurse purse. Designed by an RVT for all those in the veterinary and medical field. Keep all your lifesaving supplies close and do it with your own personal style. With over 100 different fabrics you will find something that is totally YOU! All nurse purses are machine washable and are now interchangeable. Purchase one belt and change your purse anytime you want. The all new plastic button system makes changing your nurse purse for holidays or special occasions a snap. Feel free to look around and browse through the catergories or just view all fabrics. If you have questions or would like something custom please email us at

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